Graphic Design Courses

Graphic Design training for those who want to convert their art skills and computer skills into a successful graphic design profession. Learn how to use graphic design software to improve aesthetic skills and design trends. Graphic design software courses focus on the different programs in leading graphic design applications. These programs include Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. You will learn how to prepare digital images, layouts, and illustrations. How do you layer a cropped photo? Does this program offer collage features? Does it have the ability to create a logo? Also, a well-trained graphic designer will always know how to edit photos, form design, and create layouts.

Design Schools

These graphic design courses include in-depth information about the different elements of color, hue and saturation, typography, composition, and overall visual identity. As the fundamentals of graphic design software, Dreamweaver, print production, and packing and layout design go hand-in-hand with more advanced features, graphic designers learn advanced study in brand identity for advertising and marketing design alongside digital imaging concentration, digital photography, game art and web design.

These detailed and certified courses lead you on the path to become a certified graphic designer, as well as achieving your professional certificate. COURSES ARE IN SPANISH.